Curated in the beautiful Hudson Valley


Joanna hand-selects each rug, recognizing it as a unique work of art: singular in its beauty and history. 

We believe that the experience of finding your perfect rug should be simple and empowering. We are passionate about the rich tradition of carpet weaving and find joy in discovering and sharing the stories behind our collection. 

The majority of our rugs were handmade nearly a century before they found their way to us, and we are honored to assist you in choosing the one that will transform your home today and for years to come. 

Upstate Rug Supply is based in Upstate New York. 


Restoration and Preservation


Each rug in our collection is carefully evaluated. We work with a New York based small business to dust and professionally wash our rugs. If there are any issues beyond natural wear, or if the rug is professionally restored, it will be noted in the rug's description. 

We strive to represent the character of each rug and believe that the age of antique rugs adds to their distinctive beauty and the stories behind them. As such, each rug has some form of wear commensurate with their age (low pile, some fading). Handmade rugs are carefully made and we are working hard to preserve them.


Handmade rugs are superior in durability, but here are a few tips to care for your rug:

// For weekly maintenance, vacuum your rug with the hard surface setting, avoiding the fringe. For spills, use a white cloth to absorb liquid by blotting the area.

// It's important to periodically wash your handwoven rugs (every 2-5 years). The dirt and sediment that settles in the rug creates abrasion in the rug pile and accelerates wear. Washing also brings out the color and sheen of the wool, maintaining its aesthetic beauty.

// Rug pads keep your rug from shifting and are recommended to preserve the  shape of your rug. For local clients, we offer custom cut rug pads — inquire for details.

Interior Photography by Christian Harder